How do I configure an email forward?

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We refer to in this guide. 
It is to be replaced by your own domain name, when following the guide.

Important: We don't recommend sending the external email accounts, such as Gmail. The reason is that security settings in DNS may interfere with the delivery of mails, meaning we can't guarantee everything is received correctly. Therefore we recommend creating the email address as an email account instead and then configuring your external account to download mails from this one with POP/IMAP.

Login in to your Control Panel and go to the tab Email -> Email Forward and click Add new Email forward.

    • Email enter the desired email address
    • Destination Email enter the email address you wish to forward the mail to.
      You can enter one email address per line, if you wish to forward to multiple email addresses.
    • Active make sure this field is activated, else the emails won't be forwarded.

Email Forward

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